What is the importance of image optimization in SEO?

Importance of Image Optimization in Seo in 2020. We will cover what search engine looks on a web page and how it checks images on our website

What is the importance of image optimization in SEO?

Importance of image optimization in SEO is the topic of today's blog.

We will cover how search Engine Crawls and checks our elements on the website and mostly image.

Secondly, We will also see the image Crawling practice done by google.

What details does google see in a file and image to get it ranked? Let's jump to the topic.

importance of image optimization in SEO

SEO is essential for the Business websites New vs Old.

As a part of crawling, Google looks for various website elements inclusive of Code, Meta Data, Schema, Image, etc. Therefore image SEO is equally important.

Various Blogs and websites do the SEO in the market, but a maximum of them doesn't focus on Image SEO.

Asa result in certain SEO factors is not covered under optimization activities.

But, those activities are important. One of them is an image, SEO.

Information Crawled by Search Engine Bots

Let's look at how Search Engine checks and Crawls the web page, and it's images to understand the Image SEO Importance.

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Normally, in on-page SEO of the website, we the SEO Specialist checks 4 Important things.

  • Robots.txt
  • Optimization of Image in the Size
  • Availability of image in Sitemap
  • TITLE and AlT - Title Optimization.

Wy So here is the reason, Search Engine Visits your website and looks first to your robots.txt

Second, it gets the link of the sitemap and checks out all the links.

Third, it checks the internal elements of the page and the description and title Result.

Lastly, Checks for the files or you can say images which have the information.

What information is searched for by the search Engine in the Image?


Title of the image and the ALT Title


It checks the Image Meta Like TITLE, Subject, Ratubgm Tags, Comments, Authors, Comments, etc.

So every image is optimized according to the guidelines on the top.

Based on this, Google gives rankings to the Image in Google Image Search.


  When you optimize your Image in SEO for the best, you will get certain keywords in the Image Search.

  This will help you get relevant targetted traffic to your website.

 This is the single source from where you can get traffic.

 We need to try various tricks and techniques to rank our content in text, image and videos.

What are the other ways we can try

Use the Advanced optimized on the various Social Media Platforms Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Social Media is compelling; hence maximum content of Social media gets indexed faster.

Image and Videos are one of them.

Social Media deals in only both kind of Contents in maximum.

This is the big reason why Google Crawls Social Media  Content as it has rich content.

So we need to put all the things properly together.

It is clear that the more information you serve, the more results you get.

We need to concentrate on this mantra and optimize our website accordingly.

Off-page Optimization of the Image

In this, we concentrate on distributing the images on the third-party websites which have good traffic.

We check if the image we uploaded on the site is getting indexed on the google image search.

If it is indexing on Google search, it is ranking or not.

This is the few questions that we need to look on while doing off-page Image Optimization.

How the Combination of both Can Help

To Achieve this, we first optimize the image offline with the perfect informtion.

Second We add it tour website first as we want to get traffic to our website.

We post the same image and promote the web - page on Social Media.

We promote the Image and the Content on other third-party websites to get a better reach.

Search Engines LSI Checks the same image at multiple places and finds the relevant source to index.

The Image Get's Indexed and ranked.

After ranking for the particular keyword, it starts receiving organic traffic from Google Image Search.

This is how Image SEO helps you rank high easily.


The image optimization is equally important for the SEO as the webpage, Blog and other Contents. If we talk about ranking a Keyword on the search engine, It may be hard to rank on the Google Search Listing but, maybe easy to rank on Image Search. After ranking the Image on Google Image Search, You will start getting relevant traffic to your website. As a result, you will have more inquiries and sales.

Hope you Liked the Blog and was informative to you.

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