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Penguin Recovery Services

Has there been a tremendous decrease in your Organic Search Traffic? Are you thinking that Google has imposed Manual Penalty on your site or Algorithm Penalty? Many SEO companies charge you a hefty amount to recover this penalty for your website.

UBWebs have a professional team to recovery and solve all the penalty recovery problems. We have brilliantly solved the client's website issue that was impacted by Google. We figure out the website mistake that creates problems and then solves it accordingly.

Many bloggers have to do with Google Penalty, how to fix Google Penalty, how to collect important data for optimization of your website, how to know ranking information, how to find out if the ranking of any website is low. They are unable to detect this type of information, as a result of which either their domain gets spammed in the form of Google Algorithm Penalty or Website, Ranking Improvement is not possible due to which Organic Traffic is lost completely.

Google Algorithm Penalty means that due to the various reasons given below by the Google search engine, the blog has to be removed completely from its strong search engine or some blog post has to be removed from its number in the search engine and placed on the last page. Google can damage any blog with two types of penalties which are given below:

  • Partial Manual Penalty
  • Google Automatic Penalty

Google is also very clever, punishing webmasters who adopt all kinds of wrong activities by removing updates under different names. Just as the parents punish in different ways for the deterioration of any small child, Google also brings out Algorithm Update every year under different names and directly punishes the website and blog. 

When is Google Penalty applied?

There is no limited time to get Google Penalized, Website Penalized, if any update comes Google will take action as well. By the way, there can be many reasons for this like:-

  1. Keeping Low-Quality Content
  2. Doing Keyword Stuffing
  3. Creating Low-Quality Back Links
  4. Doing Spam Directory Submission
  5. Creating Over Optimized Anchor Link Text
  6. Buying Backlinks
  7. Having Duplicate Content
  8. Creating backlinks to websites in a language other than the website language
  9. Having Link Juice Unnaturally Passed in Footer Links.
  10. Increase of High Bounce Rate
  11. Having Website Slow Speeds and Daily Downtime
  12. Approving Spam Comments
  13. Using Black Hat SEO
  14. Linking Unnatural and Hacking, Porn, Malware Infected Sides

These are some reasons why Google gives you a penalty on your website. However UBWebs Company helps you out from these problems but we don’t remove links instantly because that creates a negative impact on your website, although our team has great experience to solve all problems carefully.   

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